Have you ever wondered why some top casino games use chips rather than real cash? If you haven’t, this is a topic you should not overlook. The reason why some casino games use chips is because of the psychology behind it, security, data, and convenience. When you walk into a brick and mortar or log into an online casino, chips is more like the currency of casinos.

Casino Games That Require the Use of Chips

Chips are like the casino currency, but you can only use the chips to play casino games. Here are some unique casino games that require the use of chips before you can play them.

  1. Poker

Poker is one of the casino games that require the use of chips. Poker is a casino game played among seven or more players, and there is a need for at least 200 chips.

On an online poker table, the lightest color chips or white color chip is the lowest valued chip or the unit, and it is worth whatever the minimum bet is.

The red color chips or chips with any other color is worth five whites chips.

Lastly, the blue chips or dark color chips is worth 10, 20, or 25 white chips or 2, 4, or 5 red chips.

At the beginning of the game, all the players would buy-in by purchasing a particular amount of chips. Most times, all the players buy the same amount of chips.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack games are yet another casino game that requires you to purchase chips to play on a table. Although there are few variations when it comes to the rule of how to use the chips for blackjack at different online casinos.

When you take a seat on a blackjack table, you would see a circle right in front of you. It is in that circle that you would place your bets. These circles are called the betting circles. So, if you do not understand much about blackjack and chips, have in mind that unless you are placing a bet, do not put any cash or chips on the betting circle.

  1. Roulette

Roulette games are casino games with a bit different rules when it comes to its use of chips. Roulette does not make use of the regular casino chips. Instead, when you want to play on a roulette table, you place your money on the layout and ask for chips, and the dealer would give you Special roulette chips.

The dealer gives out different colors of chips to each player so that the dealer can keep track of which chip belongs to which player.

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