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Online Poker Tournaments - Poker Tournament rooms

Poker Plex tournaments are contests in which a player competes with a group of other players until all players but one are eliminated from play. A player's success level is determined by their ranking against other players. You can also enter the daily satellites for our major monthly tournaments - click here for details. You can now play tournaments from £2 to £200 in the Poker Plex Room, so there's always a game ready for you!

Single Table Tournaments

A Single Table Tournament can start as soon as a table is full - you can find a list of all Single Table Tournaments on offer right here.

Multi Table Tournaments

Poker Plex run a huge range of Multi Table Tournaments - have a look at our upcoming schedule to find out when you can get a piece of the action.


How Tournaments Work

There are four stages to all tournaments:

Players can see the tournament details but are unable to register. At first, tournaments have a status of Reg Starts in xx min where xx is the number of minutes before registration begins. Later, they are flagged Waiting for Reg. This status generally lasts for less than one minute.

Initially, players are able to register for the tournament, indicated by the status Registering. This period continues until the last seat at the table is taken. Once registration is complete, the tournament has a status of Waiting to Open, and will generally begin in less than one minute.

Tournament Active
Registered players are able to play. This is shown as a tournament In Progress.

Tournament Complete
Play stops for registered players. This is shown as a Completed tournament. Player rankings are confirmed and the prizes are assigned accordingly.

There are several key differences between regular game play and tournament play. Some of these differences are identified below:

  • Players must sign up and pay an entry fee and house fee prior to playing
  • All participants start with the same number of chips
  • Tournament account balance is separate from Poker Plex account balance
  • Prizes are awarded according to a player's ranking against other players
  • Players are not able to purchase additional chips during a tournament
  • All-ins available in tournaments are separate from those in regular games

Daily Tournaments
Single Table Tournament Schedule
Please see below for details of our Single Table Tournaments. When one tournament finishes another starts.

Click here to see Standard Multi Table Tournament Schedule »,
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