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Poker Articles

Winning at Online Poker

By Fiona Woods

There’s no two ways about it, poker is a game of skill that includes elements of luck and chance, but by no means is it purely a game of chance. Winning at online poker also means choosing from a dizzying array of choices of gaming websites and games.
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Women odds on for a gamble

Women are levelling the odds when it comes to gambling, with almost half the UK's female population enjoying a bet, research suggests.

Traditionally, women have been associated with having a flutter on bingo, but now they bet on everything from reality TV to the horses.
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Online Poker Tips

By Keith Sharpton

There is many a professional poker player who is making money playing online poker, but for those who have just started playing online poker, it’s a good idea to keep a few tips in mind.

The biggest danger to avoid is going on cybertilt – that’s the reckless feeling of throwing caution to the wind because you’re on a losing streak. Losing control of your emotions leads to losing more money than you’d bargained for!
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Planning is Everything

By Sean Price

Before sitting down in front of your computer to log onto a game of online poker at your favourite site, take the time to think about a few things that could make the difference between a winning or losing streak.

First of all, ask yourself what type of game do you want to play? Are you a Texas Hold ‘Em fan, or do you prefer another type of poker altogether? Find the game that best suits your temperament and skills, and your time online will be a lot more enjoyable.
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